Garosu-gil, Dosan Park, Apgujeong

Photos from October 2015, having a walk in Sinsa and Apgujeong in Gangnam District, Seoul. The areas (along with the nearby Cheongdam) are known for upscale shopping and dining experience; and also headquarters for some major record companies like SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Seoul Gangnam Apgujeong K Star Road

Garosu-gil is a popular upscale street in Sinsa-dong with designer stores and trendy coffee shops. It’s especially popular when the ginkgo tree leaves turned golden in autumn, but we were probably a week too early on our visit.

Seoul Sinsa Garosugil early autumn

Seoul Sinsa Garosugil Eight Seconds

Seoul Sinsa Garosugil Skin Food

Seoul Sinsa Garosugil Zzain Cafe

Dosan Memorial Park is a beautiful small park built in 1973 to pay tribute to Korean independence activist Ahn Chang-ho, who’s also referred to by his pen name Dosan. At least this place felt like autumn so the trip wasn’t wasted LOL.

Seoul Dosan Memorial Park Ahn Changho statue

Seoul Dosan Memorial Park autumn colours

Seoul Dosan Memorial Park autumn foliage

Seoul Dosan Memorial Park autumn leafs

The park is hidden from obvious tourist paths, worth a walk if you found it somehow… don’t need to track it on purpose.

Apgujeong is known for luxury fashion stores. The main street houses many international brands, while the alleys feature more upcoming (local) brands. The area is also known for high number of plastic surgery clinics.

Seoul Apgujeong plastic surgery clinic

Seoul Apgujeong Louis Quatorze store

Seoul Apgujeong Salvatore Ferragamo store

Seoul Apgujeong COEX Prada store

Kimchi jiggae, a simple traditional meal at COEX Mall to end the day walk…

Kimchi jiggae COEX Mall Seoul