Miscellaneous Korea travel stories, tourist information and official news etc.

Inspiring Landscapes of Korea

A 2012 official tourism promotion video which I really like. It showcases many beautiful natural scenery (and some traditional architectures and cityscapes) across South Korea. Beautiful music too.

Korea Tourism 2016 promotion video – Enjoy Your Creative Korea

Enjoy Your Creative Korea is a TV commercial by Korea Tourism Organization featuring actor Song Joong-ki who’s red hot after starring in popular drama series Descendant of The Sun earlier this year…

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Hello World! This is Korea travel blog

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I had planned to start a South Korea travel blog since my first visit to the country in 2010. As a matter of fact I bought this website address not long after that, but had procrastinated for ages.

Anyhow, I made numerous trips after the first one; and have stayed in Seoul on and off since April 2015. I recently started a Chinese blog (Seoul Fun Time) with some friends and it occurred to me that I might as well start writing an English one… and hence, after much delay, Koreatravelblog.com is born.

I’m going to introduce places, food and events that I’ve experienced with, as well as various travel news and information. This is the first post, so probably not many will read this LOL. I’ll update a bit about myself here. Stay tune for the rest.