Bibimbap at Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan, Myeong-dong, Seoul

Hot stone pot bibimbap Myeongdong Seoul

Bibimbap, literally “mixed rice”, is one of Korea’s signature dish. Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan (established 1956) is a restaurant famous for Jeonju bibimbap in a hot stone pot. The one in Myeong-dong is the main branch, with two others in Seoul.

The restaurant is popular among tourists, especially Japanese travellers. Lots of the time there are more foreign customers then locals. I’ve only been there by myself once, but when my family and friends came to Seoul it’s the place to be.

Their price is higher than many eateries, that’s probably why not many Koreans patronised the restaurant. But their bibimbap quality is consistently good, so I still bring my visitors there. Photos from my various trips from 2010-2015.

Bibimbap at Myeongdong Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan

Some banchan (side dishes) as usual; the side dishes change time from time except the ever presents cabbage kimchi and bean sprout soup…

Banchan at Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan

Side dish at Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan

Mix the rice and ingredients thoroughly to taste everything in each bite…

Bibimbap at Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan in Seoul

There are other items on the menu, like the ginseng chicken soup. It’s not bad but there are better options (and speciality restaurants) in Seoul…

Ginseng chicken soup at Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan

Entrance from shopping street (different if coming from subway station)…

Seoul Myeongdong Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan

Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan
Direction: Myeongdong Station (subway line 4), exit 5
Operating hours: 8:30-22:30. Map by

Jeonju Jungang Hoegwan, Myeongdong, Seoul map