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Korea Travel Blog is managed by YeinJee, a 30-something Malaysian traveller who has spent substantial time in Seoul. I first visited South Korea in 2010 and have visited the country numerous times, including a prolonged stay in 2015-2017.

Growing up in Malaysia where it’s summer all year-long, I’ve always wanted to stay in a place with four seasons for a year or two. The main reason I chose Korea is because of the ease of visa requirements (as opposed to Japan, for example); and it’s not too expensive compared to western countries.

I’ve collected many wonderful memories. The beautiful seasons didn’t disappoint, and I love the scenery, the food, the convenience etc. South Korea does have its downsides, like every other countries, but my experiences are mostly positive. I also met a lot of new friends who travelled from around the world.

You can read more about me at my personal blog. If you are interested with my other travel journeys you can visit Wong Travel, another travel blog of mine. And I also have a Korean food guide website to complement this blog.

Please use the contact form below to find me if you need anything. Please give proper credits if you use my photos elsewhere (linking back will be great). Please read the privacy policy here if it’s a matter of concern.

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